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Are you going to sell your iPhone, or want to find it in the state you found it when you took it out of its box? It must then be completely reset. This will not simply erase all settings and your data, but return to […]

Millions of emails are sent every day to the world. There are hundreds of courier services. You probably use Gmail, or Yahoo Mail. But what are their strengths and weaknesses? And what solution to turn to protect its communications by email? With the rise […]

On Android, protecting yourself from malware is easier than you think. The Google OS is considered by many, wrongly, as a minefield of viruses and other malware. Yes, Android devices can be compromised by one or more malware, even though Google has taken action with […]

The deep web is this hidden world of the Internet consisting of sites and resources that can not be referenced by traditional search engines. This submerged part of the iceberg is not inaccessible, however, as long as you know the doors leading to it. We […]

China has awakened and the world has been shaking for several years. No domain can resist the Chinese break. Smartphones are not left out and are imposed by the aggressiveness of their prices for features that compete with what is best in the industry. Because […]

In the process of formatting a hard disk or a USB stick, you have already had to choose between FAT32, NTFS or exFAT file systems. No doubt you are in the habit of making a choice by chance or leaving the option displayed by default. […]