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  Transferring your SMS and MMS to a new Android phone is easier than before. This is one of the first things we think about after buying a new smartphone. Until Android 7.1.2, no feature allowed the transfer SMS natively Android. There are, however, many applications […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the next spin-off of Disney on the Star Wars license, scheduled for spring 2018. Centered on the youth of Han Solo, the nice rascal, this is not the iconic Harrison Ford will resume his role! Unknown to the general […]

After the phenomenal success of the first film, Deadpool 2 is released this year. Ryan Reynolds again puts on the costume of the insolent mercenary of the Marvel universe for a second adventure that we hope as successful as the first. Release date, trailers, characters, […]

In this article, we show you the steps to disable the lock screen in Windows 10 which is not to be confused with the splash screen. This is the screen that appears first when you start your PC or when you wake up. If like […]

Microsoft Office documents obtained on the Web may carry viruses. This is not new, a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file from an unknown source is potentially dangerous. But what are the reflexes and good practices to adopt to guard against these attacks? Looking to protect […]

There are things that are so natural that they do not often attract curiosity. If you've ever wondered why the penis tends to become small when it's cold, the answer is nothing specific to you. Because this can happen to all men. And nothing is […]