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What is the top 16 of the best Android smartphones available in 2018? It can be difficult to be faced with the multitude of high-end models on the market. If you intend to buy a new smartphone, we have selected for you some of the […]

How to use Snapchat at best? It's very simple, follow the guide! We detail you everything you need to know about the application: photo options, settings, messages, stories, memories … You will know everything now and will be able to send a lot of photos […]

Google Play services are one of the most draining components of Android smartphones. If it happens that the autonomy decreases abnormally after an update or in an unexplained way, it is one of the first suspects to put on your list, supposing that the battery […]

The Falcon 9 Heavy live will take place this Tuesday, February 6 at 19:30, Paris time. You can watch SpaceX, the most powerful rocket in the world take off live. On board, Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster! The craft will take off from Cape Canaveral […]

Android smartphones would be much better if brands and operators had limited room for maneuver. This is one of the flaws of Android since the beginning. Things do not seem to have improved much. It is appreciated the plurality of choices it offers, but the […]