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Looking for a good plan to get a cheaper microSD card? The microSD Samsung Evo Plus Class 10 with a capacity of 64 GB is currently available on the site on sale for only 16,18 € flash. To get the microSD Samsung Evo plus […]

Ultrabooks or ultraportable PCs are intended for those who want a very thin laptop without making the slightest compromise on the field of power. Imposed by Intel, they are becoming the norm on the laptop market. If you want to buy a new ultrabook, here […]

What are the best hybrid laptops available in 2018? Microsoft launched this segment in 2012 at the same time as the arrival of Windows 8 / RT, the first version of its operating system optimized for tactile use. Since then, several other brands have followed […]

The WiFi Alliance consortium recently announced WPA3, the new WiFi security standard that will soon replace the aging WPA2. With the recent flaws found in this protocol, it is interesting to know the improvements that the WPA3 standard brings. We take stock of everything we […]

New good deals on The smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus usually proposed for 230 euros is the subject of a flash sale. It is available in black and gold colors for 165,82 euros only. This is the perfect opportunity to make some savings for […]